About us

Our story

2hands is born in June 2018 at Molfetta, a small city in the province of Bari, Puglia. The idea
starts from a group of volunteers, between 18 and 21 years old, tired of suffering from
experiencing on their own skin the environmental problems stemming from pollution and incivility.

2018 wasn’t an easy year for 2hands, where many any volunteers had abandoned the new born
project, still premature and in need of many energy, to pursue study paths or work.

January 2019

In January 2019 something unthinkable happened: a good part of the citizens from Molfetta joined our association. Within few months, we became the environmental voluntary association
of reference in the city.

The first event of 2019 was an extraordinary success. More than 125 volunteers joined for a maxi clean up operation in collaboration with other 5 associations. Since that moment 2hands never stopped. Overall, in 2019 we managed to: organize 10 clean ups removing 1.800Kg of waste, carry out awareness raising project in local schools engaging hundreds of students and register officially our organisation as a legal entity.

2020 - the turning point

In 2020, thanks to the efficiacy of the 2hands model we are able to open two headquarters in Giovinazzo and Ancona. This is the year of the turning point. The two new 2hands gave the start for the creation of a more large and engaged national community, which have led to see the opening of other 8 headquarters in 2021 and involving, to date, +2500 volunteers.

What we are NOW

2hands is carrying out due national clean up campaigns and different innovative projects, incluidng an active social awareness campaign touching climate change and environmental pollution and reaching tens of thousands of people.
Thanks to the campaign “Adriatic Heroes”, 2hands was qualified among the top ranked organisation for the european funds under Erasmus +.

The face of 2hands

national directive

Riccardo Mancini


Mariafrancesca Dagostino


Donato Fiore

Head of editorial

Valentina Rossi

Head of scientific committee

Enrico Altamura

Head of scientific committee

Nicola Giannelli

Head of social team

Tommaso Mattia Pretto

Head fundraising

scientific committee

Ylenia Fratini

Laureata in Scienze Agrarie

Valentina Rossi

Biologa marina

Giulia Mazzabufi


Francesco Patimo

Ignegnere gestionale

Enrico Altamura

Studente di medicina

Tommaso Mosca



Federica Centrone

Giulia Mazzabufi

Eleonora Dagostino

Donato Fiore

Veronica Salvia

Anna De Felice

Cristina Gramegna

social team

Nicola Giannelli

Maria Saponieri

Giuseppe Pio Moramarco

Laura Avallone

Alessandra Ambruosi

Leonardo Cametti

Vanessa Spadavecchia